Pets tend to be more sensitive to storms than us humans. While we know to expect thunder, lightning, and winds, our furry friends may not understand what’s going on. Pets may want to seek a dark, den-like space to ride out the storm. Since your pet can detect an approaching storm long before you can, help her cope with her anxiety by creating a shelter where she feels safe. Before the rain rolls in, check out these three tips.

#1: Choose a safe space for your pet

The ideal storm shelter for your pet is a dark room with no windows, such as a closet, bathroom, or a small basement area. The space must be accessible for your pet at all times, so she can retreat to her shelter if you’re not home. Artificial lighting in her haven can help mask lightning flashes, so consider leaving on the light.

#2: Calm your pet with pheromones and acoustic therapy in her safe space

Diffuse pheromones to help your cat or dog feel calm and relaxed, or spritz a pheromone spray on your pet’s bedding. To help drown out the thunder and wind, set up a white noise machine or anxiety-relieving playlist.

#3: Provide fun distractions for your pet in her storm shelter

Outfit your pet’s safe space with treat-filled toys, food puzzles, or long-lasting chews. Keep frozen canned food or tuna in a Kong ready for your dog or cat to enjoy as a storm approaches. Add your pet’s favorite bed, blanket, and toys to help her feel relaxed and comfortable, using food puzzles to keep her distracted.

If storms are sending your furry pal to seek a hiding place, feel free to reach out to us for help.